My JIO experience!

Soon after Reliance launched it’s so called free sim card – JIO, everyone seemed to be in a rush to get it. Reason is that it promised free internet (4g) for 3 months and calls and sms conformed to that too. 

Long queues started to build up at the reliance shops giving jio sims. You had to stand in the queue for 3-4 hrs minimum and get the token, on which is written a date and time. You should be at the shop at that precise time on that particular day. And if you’re adult and you have Adhar card and your thumb is perfectly well for a thumb print then you will be given JIO.

Hectic, isn’t it? Hence I decided to stay out of it. But what happened next gave me a jio without much trouble. Here’s what happened:

A friend of mine took all the efforts and got the token. Unfortunately the barcode that his phone generated had already been used.(Theft? Maybe!). He returned dejected. I grabbed his token, took my father to the store with his adhar card and thumb. Got JIO.

I felt for the friend of mine but I had got jio and the joy neutralised the bad feeling I had for that guy. But that’s how I got it. 

Preet Dabre.

My JIO experience.

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