Is Writing Easy?


What most of us think what it takes to write a book or article (or for that matter) is far less than what it actually takes. A writer needs to have a wide knowledge on what-so-ever he is writing. Its not just a book and pen that does the job. A great mind is needed.

I was reading a book by Sidney Sheldon titled Master of the game. _SPOILER_ALERT_. As I was reading in the first half of the book the plot was based on diamond rush in South Africa. Author describes a 18 year old boy going to South Africa all by his own to discover diamonds in the mines of KlipDrift with 200 pounds in his pocket. I was just fascinated by the way writer described his journey to South Africa from Scotland, how that boy managed to get to the mines, how he lived there, how he ate, where he slept, etc. My point being this whole plot based in South Africa and our writer who is from United States manages to describe this all perfectly. So our writer to write this book needed immense knowledge about South Africa and diamond mines and all that stuff. It is quite a job (writing) which I would rank with a high difficulty level. There are many books by this author and the plot is in different places all over thus requiring a greater amount of knowledge. Sidney Sheldon was just an example. There are many more like him. And this quality is what makes them greater!

Not anyone can become a writer. You just can’t take a pen and start writing. There is a lot more to it. So if you are planning to be a writer gear up. You are going to require a lots of perspiration. But wheres the fun without that. Work Harder , Dream big, Perceive different! Ciao!


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